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Fundraise for the Trade Health Insititute and power life-changing research to improve the health and wellbeing of our tradies.

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$19,002 raised

$19,002 raised



Take the first step in transforming tradie health by registering as a fundraiser and becoming an advocate for vital research.

Spread the word!

Share your fundraiser with friends, coworkers, and on social media to rally support and generate awareness.

Power life-changing breakthroughs

As you fundraise, every dollar you raise contributes to vital research that transforms the lives of tradies. Your efforts create lasting impact!

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Why fundraise for the Tradie Health Institute?

Building a healthier future for our tradies

When you choose to fundraise for the Tradie Health Institute, you become a driving force creating a healthier future for tradies everywhere.

By supporting this vital initiative, you are contributing to groundbreaking research focused on life-altering conditions impacting tradies, such as silicosis. Your efforts not only improve their wellbeing but also foster a safer work environment for all.

As a fundraiser, you play crucial role in building awareness and driving positive change in an industry that keeps our communities thriving.

Start fundraising today and make a meaningful impact on the lives of hardworking tradies across Australia.

The impact of your fundraising

Your fundraising supports research that changes lives

Identification of DNA Markers

Development of new genetic tests to identify those at risk of developming an occupational lung disease, and why. This will be critical in pre-employment or re-deployment.

New Treatment Methods

Our Incredible Fundraisers

Fundraisers for the Tradie Health Institute


Are you excited to kickstart your fundraising journey for the Tradie Health Institute? Look no further! This section has all the answers you need to get started making a difference for our nation's tradies.

Do I need permission to fundraise?

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Yes. Legally anyone collecting funds on our behalf must be registered and have an Authority to Fundraise (ATF). Please email info@thecommongood.org.au to get started.

How will I know who donated to my fundraising page?

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You can find a list of your donations on your fundraising page. You’ll also receive an email every time someone makes a donation.

You can also see all of your donations under the “My Donations” section in menu.

How do I deposit the funds I have raised?

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We encourage all donations to be made through our fundraising platform. If you have cash donations, you can add this to your page by clicking “Add an Offline Donation” under “My Donations”.

If you are unable to process your cash donations on your fundraising page, you can alternatively deposit the funds to the following account:

    • Bank: NAB

    • Reference: Your full name

    • Account Name: The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation  

    • BSB: 084004

    • Account Number: 758971644

If you have donations via cheque, please make these payable to The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation. Post them to us at The Common Good, GPO Box 3175 Brisbane Qld 4001.

Will we be covered under the Foundation’s public liability insurance?

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Unfortunately, no. As a fundraiser you are responsible for obtaining any necessary insurance, permits or licences. This may include local government permission if you are organising an event in a public space.

Is my personal/donor’s information kept confidential?

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We keep your Personal Information private and do not share it with other third parties. The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation is committed to protecting your privacy. Our Privacy Policy is aligned to the Australian Privacy Principles, ensuring you greater transparency around how we handle your personal information.

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