What Is A Tribute Page?

In lasting memory of those you love

What is a Tribute Page?

A tribute page offers a platform for friends and family to honour a loved one's life through donations or collective contributions instead of flowers. It's a meaningful way to extend their impact on others. 

Our Tribute Page builder simplifies the process, allowing you to make a unique and personalised tribute that truly reflects the person you want to remember and celebrate. 

Once your Tribute Page is ready, you can easily share the link with your community and loved ones. 

We're here to help. Please contact our team on 1800 501 269 if there is any support you need.

Life-changing legacy

By choosing to create a tribute page, the legacy of your loved one will help support:

Life-Changing Research

You can support life-changing and life-saving research by giving more time to dedicated researchers hoping to make breakthroughs in the areas of heart disease, lung disease, mental health and ageing conditions.

Innovative Equipment

You can help patients and researchers at The Prince Charles Hospital and Caboolture Hospital by supporting the special equipment needed to improve their day-to-day lives.

The impact your loved one can have

Warren's Lasting Legacy

The Common Good has many incredible supporters who make the life-changing, globally significant research that is supported and facilitated possible. Some of them, like the Hayward Family, ensure that their loved ones' memory continues by allowing friends and family to contribute to in Warren's name.