Workplace Giving for Life-Saving Medical Research

Become a Workplace Giver for The Common Good 

Give a little, change a lot

Regular donations are the lifeblood of medical research. They allow us to forward plan the amazing research programs which we can support because of you. 

Workplace giving is an easy, tax-effective and impactful way for you to be part of something that will have life-changing impacts today, and for the years to come.  

The research that you can support touches nearly everyone in some way. From heart disease, lung disease, mental health, dementia or patient support, through Workplace Giving, you have the power to make a difference in the lives of many. 

Tomorrow’s health advancements only happen with support today.

Workplace Giver for The Common Good celebrating the impact of her donation

Why become a workplace giver?

Is easy to set up
Can be taken pre-tax so it’s less out of your pocket

There’s no need to remember to make your donations each month

Is sustainable and very effective

Opt out at any time

Best of all, there is no need to keep receipts for the end of June, no risk of missing out on claims through lost paperwork plus you save on tax!

How it works

You donate $10 pre-tax

Your donation is automatically deducted from your pre-tax earnings.

Your donation costs only $7

By donating pre-tax, your donation only costs you $7 out-of-pocket. However, The Common Good receives your full generous gift of $10.

Your donation helps to fund life-changing research

Your generosity helps researchers and hospital staff continue life-changing projects that improve the care and health outcomes of those we know and love.

*Exact figure depends on your individual personal tax bracket.

Introducing Workplace Giving to your business

Discover the power of workplace giving!

Whether you're an individual or a business, it's easy to get started. By participating in workplace giving, you'll experience the joy of giving back, knowing you're contributing to life-changing initiatives.

How do I join?

Get in touch with us to have a chat about joining The Common Good Workplace Giving program at your place of work. It’s quick and easy!

For Employees

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When you join our workplace giving program, you’re getting a tax benefit for your generosity immediately, while making an incredible difference for The Common Good. You can even double your impact by encouraging your employer to match your donations – from as little as $5 per week, your total contribution would power an hour of dedicated research every month.

With your ongoing support, we can fund the hours that matter; the time our researchers need to find the solutions to chronic health problems.

For Employers

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By joining us through workplace giving, you can boost employee morale by demonstrating good corporate social responsibility. You can match employee donations to increase your business’ impact and demonstrate commitment to the causes your employees care about.

But it’s not just about the research to find cures and save lives, it’s also about those opportunities along the way that help make patients’ lives just that little bit better.

The Prince Charles Hospital nurses holding a Thank you sign from The Common Good

The Prince Charles Hospital & Queensland Health

Workplace Giving for employees

At The Prince Charles Hospital and Caboolture Hospital, we have a passionate team dedicated to going above and beyond in patient care. Part of that dedication is through our medical research that often has direct impact on clinical practices in the hospital. As an employee of The Prince Charles Hospital or Caboolture Hospital, you’re part of the innovative team committed to providing exceptional patient care and outcomes.

It’s good to give, and it’s even better to give to something you care about where you can see the benefits of your generosity. We need your help to keep this innovative culture alive on our campus, and more importantly we want you to feel connected to the life-changing research happening in our corridors.

To make it easy to go above and beyond, we’ve re-launced our Workplace Payroll Giving program. For less than a cup of coffee a week, you can get behind the researchers, doctors and nurses helping to solve the toughest medical mysteries.

Setting up Workplace Giving

Simply fill out the payroll deduction authority form, and an amount of your choosing will be deducted from each pay to support research projects happening right now.

Once complete, upload your Payroll Deductions form via the MyHR portal for Queensland Health employees.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest news, so you can stay informed and inspired about the important work you’re contributing to.

Setting up Workplace Giving for Queensland Health Employees

Uploading your payroll deduction forms to MyHR for The Prince Charles Hospital

Complete your Payroll Deduction Authority form and go to MyHR.

Uploading your payroll deduction forms to MyHR for The Prince Charles Hospital
Search for and select Payroll Deduction Forms.
Uploading your payroll deduction forms to MyHR for The Prince Charles Hospital
Fill in your details, and upload your completed Payroll Deduction Authority form.

Hear from our other incredible Workplace Givers

"If you want to help patients, it’s important to be supporting research to make that possible.

One way of doing that is by becoming a Workplace Giver."

Workpalce Giver and early dementia detection researcher Doctor Eamonn Eeles standing in front of The Common Good flag

Dr Eamonn, Researcher & Geriatrician

"I have been fortunate over the years to work closely with many talented and committed researchers who continue to achieve great advancements in their fields – knowing that I can contribute financially to ensure they have the time and resources to do their valuable work is a great feeling.

Becoming a Workplace Giver is such an easy process and even the smallest amount contributes to the biggest research achievements."

Workplace giver for The Common Good Laura Bullwinkelfrom Metro North Health Service

Laura, Business Manager Heart & Lung Services

Get in Touch

You can contact our Member Care team anytime Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm.

They would be happy to answer any queries you may have about Workplace Giving.
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