Mark Worrall's Ride

By Mark Worrall

Mark Worrall is a 70-year-old who’s about to cycle more than 1000 kilometres from Sydney to Brisbane to raise funds for a good cause.

At 70 years old, Mark is grateful for the life he’s had and has decided 2023 is the year he will tackle a trip by bicycle from Sydney and Brisbane - a distance of 1026 km.

His journey between the two capital cities will begin in March, and he’s pedalling to raise money for The Common Good and the life-changing research and patient initiatives they support. In particular, he hopes the support his feat generates will help to improve outcomes for patients in intensive care units (ICU’s), with his passion and goal being the reduction of delirium.

“Life’s been good to me, and now it is time to put back something that will benefit people,” said Mark.

As we speak, Mark is gearing up for what will undoubtedly be a great adventure. His solo journey will span approximately 11 days and 1027 kilometres.

Each day of Mark’s trek north from Sydney, he’ll ride distances around 100km, stopping along the way to talk with people and promote the health benefits of fitness in older age.

Always close to this will be the subject of supporting hospital innovation to help reduce the prevalence of conditions like delirium which can often present in ICU patients.

Mark worked in hospital design and medical equipment for more than 30 years, and even in his retirement, he continues to remain passionate about this area by volunteering his time and insights across hospital projects.

“The meaning of life is … if you’re lucky enough, make the best of it,” said Mark.

“There’s enough negativity in the world. If you’ve got the chance, you should get out there and do something positive.”

Mark does not let age stop him from leading an active lifestyle. He believes his upcoming journey is not overly impressive in terms of the kilometres he’ll cover, but he is proud he can put his mind and body to the test in a feat that may help others.

To stay fit, Mark enjoys cycling (around 200 kilometres a week). He also plays and umpires AFL for a community club on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Later in mid-May this year, Mark plans to challenge his mental and physical abilities again by climbing Indonesia’s Mount Tambora – an active volcano on the island of Sumbawa.

“Age shouldn’t stop you from challenging your abilities and achieving something significant,” he said.

The money Mark raises on his journey will support innovation and patient care in the ICU environment at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane.

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woolgoolga- Sikh capital of Australia

Sunday 26th Mar
Holed up tonight at a youth hostel. It's positively jumping with backpackers. It's like the old days before Covid.  I've covered 658km to date. Maclean is my next port of call then Ballina. I'm in two minds as to whether I will cut a day off my  trial -by -pedaling . I'll make that call when I'm in Ballina. Prior to this trip I did ride from Ballina to home last year. Stay tuned

Coffs Harbour

Sunday 26th Mar
Over the years I have stayed in or traveled through Coffs  but never once contemplated the Big Banana. A tourist trap if ever there was one. However it's not so bad. Actually anything banana orientated is ok. I'm impressed with the banana milkshake. Yummy!

prospect of more rain tomorrow

Saturday 25th Mar
I'm staying in a rural pub in Fredericton staring out at the tumbling rain. While on the freeway today it was raining soooooo hard a fish began looking at me with amorous intent. Before I could say I wasn't that kind of boy I was spawned. Naturally I felt violated so I'm going to take it up with the fish marketing board. My lawyer thinks I' won't win my claim , something about proof of identity,  all fish look the same.
Coffs Harbour is tomorrow s plan.

The unusual things on the roadside

Saturday 25th Mar
Cars just zip up the freeway but at my  pace one gets to see  all the flotsam and jetsam  discarded by the populous . Outside of Nelsons Bay I spotted a crab just on the verge  then just 6 kms from Kempsey another one?? Did they escape from some fish sales van or were  they taking a holiday from the mudflats.

after the rain

Friday 24th Mar
The rain seems to be gone for now
. I've just consumed an indigestion  burger at maccas  readying me for the ride up to Port Macquarie.  Let the fun begin

Taree here I come

Thursday 23rd Mar
Just having lunch in Buldelah. This morningI took a backroad  thru Mungo Brush across some formidable gravel roads.  The early morning boat ride from Nelsons Bay to Tea Garden is worth the effort if you are every down this way.

On the road again can't wait to get back on the road

Wednesday 22nd Mar
Leaving The Entrance  in drizzle I thought it was going to be a tad unpleasant but the weather gods threw back the clouds and I had a fairly pleasant day of it. Could have done without the head win6 though. I'm staying in an ecolodge this evening. It's a fun menagerie of wandering animals and off beat cabins. I like it. Road kill update- rode past the biggest constricting snake I personally have ever seen. I estimated it's length at 2.5 meters. Pity it's life ended in such a fashion.

first day of travel

Tuesday 21st Mar
Mao said the long march begins with the first step and so it was this morning. After a poor sleep brought on by anxiety I left Sydney on a cool and blustery morning. Sydney at 5 in the morning is alive with thousands of cleaners toiling to make new for the millions to come. First ferry over to Manly and a ride along the beach front. Cleaner are now replaced by joggers and fresh air people. Had a bite to eat then on the road north. The Palm beach/Ettalong beach ferry ride was charming save for the driving rain. This area is really very nice. Took the scenic route Gosford/Terrigal to my digs in The Entrance. Holiday towns always seem abandoned when the weather is bleak. All good. Tomorrow's ride is to Port Stephens. 
Monday 20th Mar

So hot

Saturday 18th Mar
If there’s a god of weather, please cool it down a bit. Riding  in above 30 temperatures is not ideal. 

Boxed up and ready to go

Thursday 16th Mar
It took some farting around but we managed to pack the bike for the arduous journey south. NSW rail have some strange criteria for how bikes are to be put on board but its done now, hurrah!
Friday I'll pack the bags with due consideration to weight. I've decided not to take the bag of concrete, I don't think I'll be needing to use it. Forty five pairs of undies is a little excessive too, perhaps 30 will get me by,

95 k ride on Thursday

Friday 10th Mar
I’ve dispelled my doubts on  whether I can do day after day of riding. I put two days together of rides near 100 kms. Slightly tired but no real fatigue. I move into the last week before the ride feeling confident and apprehensive at the same time.

Suprising complications for ride

Tuesday 7th Mar
Perhaps it's the high cost of rental or building projects but I have been surprised by how difficult it is to get affordable nightly accommodation along the way. Between Nelson Bay and Taree every motel is fully booked thru the week. Good for the motels not so good for me. I now need to push thru to Taree , something I'm not entirely looking forward to. That is a big day.
With all these extra kms it will grant me a day's break in Port Macquarie. I can think of worse places. Port is a very acceptable 2 day stop. There's a really pretty walk one can do around the coastline to the charming lighthouse.

Time and tide wait for no man (or woman or binary identity)

Friday 3rd Mar
On Saturday I'm going to do a trial run with the complete bike set up so that I know what I need to haul also how the weight is distributed and any issues that may arise. If the creative urge gets me I might even do a video and post it during the weekend. I'm guessing it will be an epic of cinematic drama not unlike Dr. Zhivago or Gone with the Wind. I know what you are thinking, "Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a darn". 

NSW Rail aren't doing me any favours

Monday 27th Feb
I've booked the train travel down to Sydney today. The train leaves Roma St at the less than civilised time of 5:00 and slowly trundles its way to Sydney arriving at 20:00 hrs, The bike packaging has been an issue with a number of restrictions built in. I'm going to make some compromises to work in with their size and weight requirements but I think I've got it sussed.

Short ride to test the bike

Saturday 25th Feb
Just a quick leg turner to test the tire, All good, now so perhaps I can concentrate on other parts of the ride. 

The Bike Shop Shailer Park

Friday 24th Feb
It's not often one comes across a business that has an emphatic approach to their customer. I'm giving a big thumbs up to the Bike Shop. I've had some issues with the preparation of my bike (these blessed flats for example) but the staff have really gone out of their way to help. To show you the type of people they are, they will help me to pack up the bike for the trip down to Sydney on the train. If you live on the south side of Brisvegas and your bike needs maintenance I highly recommend them. No! they haven't paid me money....!!! Friendly and good at what they do

Special thanks to MDI and Conrad and Gargett

Thursday 23rd Feb
Two companies that went out of their way to make the ICU redevelopment materialize have just proven how generous people can be in this day and age. A personal thanks from me to you both (Dan and Angelo). 

One month to go

Tuesday 21st Feb
A small amount of trepidation and a large amount of excitement is beginning to happen now. My bike is in the bike shop for maintenance. I keep getting punctures in the back tire far above what would be called average.  Apart from that I try to find time to do a ride of about 60/70 kms every second day.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Conrad Gargett


Daniel Visser


Broadbeach Cat Old Boys

Great cause and good luck Mark from the Broady Old Boys..


Ryan ‘ryno’ Powell

Congratulations Mark on taking on an epic journey in the name of community support to those in ICU. You are a shining example of living life to the full, cup half full, and do good by others!! All the best for a fantastic trip, stay safe, and I look forward to having a kick with you on your return. Godspeed.


Steve Worrall


Ray White Ormeau

Good Luck Mark, We know you will inspire many along the way.



Hey mate, enjoy your trip.. Saftey first.. (blonde mechanic at the bike shop.. now back in oil and gas work)


Dominique Lawson

Bonjour Mark Jolly good effort so far, well done👍 Keep safe and happy. Dominique


Chris Modra

Hey brother. You once said to me back in the early days when I tried to block your path and you did a kind of fleet footed quick switch around "just thought I'd try something interesting". Never stopped have you hey?