2024 Marfan and Aortopathy Conference

Join us for a special one-day conference dedicated to raising awareness of Marfan Syndrome, aortopathy, and associated conditions. Tailored to people impacted by these conditions, this conference is an opportunity to gain insights from leading specialists as we come together to share knowledge, foster understanding, and promote advancements in the field.

Sat 20th Apr 2024
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
MOBA Room, Education Centre, The Prince Charles Hospital

This event is now closed

Hear from Marfan Syndrome and aortopathy experts in the field

Join us on Saturday 20 April 2024 for the second Marfan and Aortopathy Conference, held at one of Australia’s leading cardiothoracic hospitals, The Prince Charles Hospital, Chermside.  

Aimed at providing education and the latest updates regarding Marfan Syndrome and aortopathy, this special event will be delivered to enhance knowledge and raise awareness for Marfan Syndrome, aortopathy and other associated conditions.  

Facilitated by esteemed expert, Dr Yong Shen Wee, the 2024 Marfan and Aortopathy Conference will see a panel of clinical and research specialists come together to deliver the latest updates in research, pain management, genetic counselling and physiotherapy in a combination of plenary and break out sessions.  

Saturday 20 April 2024

$50 per person

Education Centre 
The Prince Charles Hospital, Chermside

The 2024 Marfan and Aortopathy Conference is proudly supported by The Common Good (an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation), in association with Marfan Association Queensland 

Meet your Marfan and Aortopathy Conference 2024 facilitator, Dr. Yong Shen Wee

Introducing Dr. Yong Shen Wee, the distinguished lead clinician of the Marfan Syndrome Multi-Disciplinary Team since 2018. A graduate of Melbourne University, Dr. Wee completed his cardiology training at The Gold Coast Hospital and The Prince Charles Hospital. His journey led him to work alongside Professor Malcolm West as a vascular fellow, ultimately assuming the pivotal role of lead clinician in the Marfan Syndrome Multi-Disciplinary Team.

In 2019, Dr. Wee initiated the inaugural Marfan and Aortopathy conference, driven by a mission to provide continuous education and share the latest updates with the community. Beyond his commitment to Marfan syndrome, he serves as the co-chair of Infective Endocarditis Queensland (ieQ) and holds a distinguished position on the CSANZ Equity Diversity and Culture Committee.

Dr. Wee's contributions extend globally through involvement in multiple international trials and presentations at both national and international conferences. Join us at the Marfan and Aortopathy Conference to gain valuable insights from Dr. Yong Shen Wee, a dedicated leader and advocate in the field of cardiology.

Just some of the many experts you will hear from at this year's conference

Dr Christopher Whight, Cardiologist  

Dr. Christopher Whight, a distinguished Paediatric Cardiologist and fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, is set to bring his expertise to the 2024 Marfan and Aortopathy Conference.  

Specialising in Adolescent Congenital Heart Disease, Aortic disease, and Connective tissue disease, Dr. Whight's commitment to innovative cardiac care is showcased through his involvement in the innovative Personalised Exterior Aortic Root Support (PEARS) program at The Prince Charles Hospital.  

With a wealth of knowledge in Aortic disease, particularly Familial Aortopathy, he passionately advocates for comprehensive and patient-centred healthcare.  

Join us at the conference to gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of Paediatric Cardiology and advancements in personalised treatment modalities. 

Dr Alison Rutstein, Genetic Counsellor  

Dr. Rutstein is an accomplished researcher with a focus on psychosocial aspects of rare genetic conditions. Her journey includes pivotal roles at UNSW, Sydney, where she explored the experiences of those diagnosed with a rare cancer syndrome, and at the University of Melbourne, contributing to research on decision-making for Lynch Syndrome genetic testing.  

With a Masters in Genetic Counselling from Griffith University in 2013, she spent two years as a prenatal genetic counsellor before joining The Prince Charles Hospital's Marfan diagnostic clinic in 2016. Since 2020, she has also served as a cardiac genetic counsellor, offering her expertise through telehealth at Cairns Hospital and at The Prince Charles Hospital.  

Dr. Rutstein will share insights into the crucial role of genetic counselling and testing in Marfan Syndrome. 

Dr Kylie Burns, Cardiologist

Dr. Kylie Burns, a dedicated Consultant Cardiologist, extends her expertise to the unique intersection of Congenital Heart Disease and obstetric cardiology, making her a valuable resource for individuals navigating Marfan Syndrome.  

With her FRACP (Cardiology) earned in 2013, Dr. Burns immersed herself in a transformative two-year fellowship in Adult Congenital Heart Disease at The Prince Charles Hospital. Further enriching her knowledge, she pursued a fellowship in Cardiac Imaging at The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, where her focus on obstetric cardiology flourished.  

Dr. Burns, a seasoned professional, will speak to the crucial aspects of Marfan and pregnancy in her session, providing invaluable insights tailored to our audience's specific needs. 

Dr Livia Williams, Senior Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Dr Livia Williams is a senior Cardiothoracic Surgeon at the Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, home to Australia’s largest PEARS program.

Dr Williams has an interest in the surgical management of aortopathies and aortic valvular disease and is undertaking a PhD in PEARS outcomes amongst patients with connective tissues pathologies, familial aortopathies and bicuspid valve disease.


Where is the conference being held?

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The conference will be held at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane’s Northside. Specifically, it will be held in the Education Centre. Please refer to the location map here. Volunteers will be available on the day to help direct guests to the Education Centre.

Is onsite parking available?

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Yes, paid onsite parking is available in the multilevel public carpark. Once parked, please make your way to the main entrance of The Prince Charles Hospital where volunteers will be able to direct you to the Education Centre.

What is included in the ticket price?

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The ticket price of $50 per person includes refreshments along with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Proceeds of the 2024 Marfan and Aortopathy Conference will support medical research through The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation.

Who is the 2024 Marfan and Aortopathy Conference targeted towards?  

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Whilst clinicians are welcome to register for this event, it is primarily tailored to people impacted by marfan syndrome and those who wish to understand this condition more.

When will a full program be available?

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A program of speakers and topics will be available by mid-March, however we encourage you to check this page regularly for featured speaker updates. The conference will feature informative and detailed content from some of the most esteemed speakers in the field. 

What date do registrations close?

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Numbers are capped due to room size. Registrations are open until Friday 5 April 2024.

I am interested in sponsoring this event. Who should I contact?

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Please contact Melissa Clarke, Community Engagement and Events Manager at melissa.clarke@tpchfoundation.org.au 

Who can I speak to for further information?
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Please contact The Common Good, an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation on 1800 501 269. 

Who is The Common Good?  

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The Common Good is an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation. We exist to help people live healthier for longer. We are proud to support life-changing and life-saving medical research, along with equipment and patient-focussed programs at The Prince Charles Hospital and Caboolture Hospital. Find out more here 

Can children attend the conference? 

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Unfortunately we cannot accomodate children at the event. Tickets are available for purchase for people aged 16 years of age and older.