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Hand on heart, you can make a difference.

For most of us, Christmas is about smiles - a time to spend with loved ones, cherishing special moments with the most important people in our lives.

Unfortunately, the reality is different for many. It casts a shadow of doubt – especially for those navigating life with serious heart conditions, worrying if this will be the last Christmas for their partner, their daughter, their son, their mother, their father, their friend – or even for themselves.

Together, we can give people impacted by heart conditions the chance to live healthier for longer, creating more precious Christmas memories.

Christmas Heart Appeal

Meet Simon

In December 2020, my life nearly ended. I was just 37 at the time and was out on an early morning run in suburban Bracken Ridge when excruciating heart pains suddenly came over me.It was like being struck by lightning. 

I just had a dry feeling in the back of my throat, and it felt like something burst in my chest.

I immediately thought I was having a heart attack.

Something was, in fact, wrong with my heart - but it wasn’t a heart attack.

My aorta was dissecting, and blood was rushing through a 5-centimetre tear in my main artery.

I ended up at The Prince Charles Hospital, where I spent 8-and-a-half hours in surgery.

I owe my life to the incredible cardiac surgeons who operated on me, inserted a mechanical aortic valve, and gave me a second chance.

Recently, I celebrated my 40th birthday alongside my wife and daughters: a milestone that may not have been possible without the help of the caring and compassionate staff at The Prince Charles Hospital.

Hand on heart, I wouldn’t be here today without research and it’s something I would encourage you to support, because now I can spend another Christmas with my family.

What is an aortic dissection?

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An aortic dissection is a serious and life-threatening situation that happens when there’s a tear in the main blood vessel connected to your heart, called the aorta.

Picture it like a crack in a major road for your blood. This tear impacts the normal flow of blood and can lead to uncontrolled bleeding, affecting important parts of your body.

It’s a life-threatening situation because, if not addressed quickly, it can cause severe damage and even a complete burst of the blood vessel, posing a serious risk to your health and death.

In the case of an aortic dissection, time is absolutely critical.

Hand on heart, research saves lives.

Learn more about heart research

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia. But what exactly is it?

What is Heart Failure?

It’s estimated that around 110,000 Australians live with heart failure, but what exactly is heart failure?

Today’s research is tomorrow’s treatments.

The need for heart disease and heart-related research has never been greater. When you support The Common Good’s Big Hearted Christmas Appeal, you can provide vital hours of time to researchers who are dedicated to uncovering the best possible health outcomes for those impacted by heart disease.

Your gift - no matter the size - is a lifeline for dedicated researchers, providing crucial minutes and hours for their life-changing work. 

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With your Care, hard work, Intelligence and new remedies, we feel safe. Keep up the good work.

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